The Webcams
Jeff is one of the early adopters of live webcams in his home. For over 20 years, on and off, live bedroom webcams have been watching Jeff 24 hours a day, but not always 365 days a year. He experiments with new technologies and new webcams frequently.

The Webcams

Live Webcams

A lot of people call me crazy (for various reasons) but I like having live webcams in my living space. I’ve had a feed watching me for over 15 years and have set up cams in every home I’ve lived in, although not continuously. This is my newest setup, and I’m still experimenting and changing it frequently. A lot of the time, I just let my webcams stream and I’m not trying to be entertaining. They are just videos of me working, or playing with the various setups.

Archive on YouTube

Orange.Jeff Life Stream

I live in a single bedroom in somebody else's house. I don't get out much but sometimes I'll turn on the webcams and just stream.